Ela Rah La Divine Melchizedek

Ela Rah La Melchizeck uses her temples to empower twin flames, starseed and lightworkers to work with 5D New Earth throughout our spiritual awakening to higher parts of ascension. It is through the 5D new earth embodiment; ascension codes transpire through voice (Frequency, Vibration), sound (Harmony, Attunement), Energy Transmission. The temples will teach Starseeds, Twin Flames and Lightworkers to encode their embodiment further to greater service. You will also experience light codes such as Blue Ray, Golden Ankh, Golden ratio Guidelines, White Light, Rose and the Diamond Ray. Christos-Sophia have become a large part of the ascension waves in later dates and through the emerging of Lemuria lightwaves ascension has picked up in its frequency. With that divine energy lessons and courseware will be provided in the Divine Human framework to create and provide a manual for the human lower bodies to adapt to the higher beloved energies.

Ela Rah La Divine Melchizedek is a trinity energy that runs through the Divine Melchizedek high priest and priestess order that holds feminine and masculine. She is the divine feminine aspect of the Melchizedek order (Rose Order) and founded form in times of Lemuria. Founder energy of the sisterhood of the light and Mother of all angels, 'Virgin/Mother Mary' guides her through this trinity energy. The name literally means Elohim's path/solar source/wisdom to the universal binding cosmic energy that lies in all that is hers (universe). It is the herios gamos of trinity energy in the new age. It is through this energy information is being provided via light codes, light languages, and encoded information in its incubator The Temple of Isis and Temple of Light both pathways related to the Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose/Light; the path way to Ra (Solar) for all from the Divine order